• 5-in-1 and 2-in-1 Reflector Set with Storage Bags

    This reflector set is perfectly suitable for outdoor photography or studio photo photography/activities. This reflector set includes a round 5-in-1 reflector and an ellipse 2-in-1 reflector. Each reflector comes with different surface panels. You can work with different combinations for warmer or cooler lights for both indoor and outdoor photography. With the included carrying bag, the reflectors are easy to store and carry.

  • Barrow 16mm PETG Hard Tube Starter Kit – White

    Barrow and Barrowch was established in 2010. It is an export-oriented and domestically-manufactured manufacturing enterprise specializing in computer and industrial water cooling equipment and precision hardware components. The advanced design concept and internal structure are deeply loved by domestic and foreign enthusiasts of water cooling players. Barrow 16mm PETG Hard Tube Starter Kit  – White This starter bundle consists of 8x 16mm Hard Tube Compression fittings, 2x 90 Degree Rotary fittings, 4x 500mm premium PETG Clear Tube, PETG Tube cutter, Tube Reamer and Bend Cord. Everything you need to get started with your PETG adventure! We also do a Black version. Barrow PETG Tube 16mm OD 500mm (4 Pack) BARROW series PETG compared with the normal temperature type PETG high temperature resistant PETG tube with lower thermal deformation critical index, therefore suitable for entry-level game player and batch installation operation, convenient cutting properties and short heating time bend operation temperature. Can greatly improve the working efficiency compared with the normal temperature type PETG tube, the high temperature resistant PETG tube has the strongest heat resistance coefficient, the thermal deformation critical exponent is higher, the state is more stable, and the service life is longer. Barrow G1/4 – 16mm OD Twin Seal Hard Tube Compression Fitting – White 8 Super high quality Barrow Nickel Plated brass fittings Compression fittings, featuring a G1/4" thread so cross compatible with everything on the market. Barrow G1/4 – Male Rotary to 90 Degree Female Angle – White 2 Rotary 90 degree fitting in White to match your hard tube fittings. Metal 40mm Hose / PVC or PETG Tube Cutter Super long lasting hose cutter which is sharp! These will cut any PETG tubing, and any PVC tubing with ease! ABS Hardline Reamer / Chamfer / Deburing Tool for Acrylic and PETG Tube Hardened steel blades make easy work of deburing your PETG tubing before you insert it into the compression fitting. Bend Cord Insert for 12mm ID Acrylic / PETG Tube Bending – 500mm 500mm of 11mm Nitrile (NBR) cord for use when heat bending any acrylic 12mm ID Tube Suitable for temp range: -20°C to +80°C Kit Contents – 8x G1/4 – 16mm Hard Tube Compression Fittings – 2x G1/4 – Rotary 90 Degree Fittings – 4x 16mm OD PETG Tubes – 500mm – 1x Nitrile Bend Cord – 1x PETG Hose Cutter – 1x Hard Tube Reamer

  • Barrow CPU Waterblock with Integrated 17W PWM Pump – INTEL 115x / LGA1700

    Barrow and Barrowch was established in 2010. It is an export-oriented and domestically-manufactured manufacturing enterprise specializing in computer and industrial water cooling equipment and precision hardware components. The advanced design concept and internal structure are deeply loved by domestic and foreign enthusiasts of water cooling players. Pump Features: – Small footprint, yet powerful 960LPH – PWM signal for external control over pump RPM + Manual operation – Head pressure up to 5-6m – Inline pump can be used independantly Pump Technical Data: Material: Aluminium Housing (Pump) / POM/Acetal (Top) Thread Size: G1/4" Signal Connector: PWM + Manual Load speed: Max 4000rpm Head Pressure (Lift): 5-6m Rated voltage: DC 12V Rated current: 1.4A Rated power: 17W Temperature range: <60c Working Noise: Life: >50000H Maximum Flow Rate: 960 LPH Size: 85mm x 70mm x 64mm CPU Block Features: – 0.4mm x 0.2mm x49 Super Micro Jet channel Technology – Nickel Plated Copper base plate – High production quality and strict QC ensure 100% no cracks or leaks – G1/4 ports for ultimate flexibility Technical Data: Base Plate: 58 x 58 x 5mm Water Channels: 0.4mm thickness (at 0,2mm width) Material: Nickel Plated Copper + POM Top CPU Compatibility: INTEL Socket 115x / LGA 1200 / LGA1700 Included: 1x BarrowCH CPU Waterblock with Integrated 17W PWM Pump – INTEL 115x / LGA1200 / LGA1700

  • Barrow G1/4 Male Rotary to 90 Degree Female Angle – Black (4 Pack)

    Barrow and Barrowch was established in 2010. It is an export-oriented and domestically-manufactured manufacturing enterprise specializing in computer and industrial water cooling equipment and precision hardware components. The advanced design concept and internal structure are deeply loved by domestic and foreign enthusiasts of water cooling players. Technical Data:Material: BrassThread Size: G1/4Angle: 90 Degree RotaryColour: Matt Black Included:1x Barrow G1/4 Male Rotary to 90 Degree Female Angle – Black (4 Pack)Note: This is a 4 Pack of fittings

  • be quiet! Pure Loop 2 FX 240 ARGB High Performance CPU Water Cooler – 240mm

    Impressive illumination, superior coolingPure Loop 2 FX 240mm is the very high-performing and silent All-in-One water cooling unit with impressive ARGB illumination. Its black design with ARGB illumination makes Pure Loop 2 FX 240mm a highlight in any case. The newly built PWM pump with increased performance offers a silent operation. Having an included coolant bottle in the scope of delivery, Pure Loop 2 FX 240mm underlines its claim to be the first choice for design-orientated users.- Very high cooling performance for all mainstream CPUs- 2 Light Wings 120mm PWM high-speed fans offer equally high air pressure and vibrant ARGB illumination- Doubly decoupled PWM pump for quiet operation and minimal vibration- ARGB-PWM-Hub enables synchronization of up to 6 ARGB components and PWM fans- Combination of ARGB illumination, all-black design and aluminum-style for unmistakable and stylish look- Easy-to-access refill port and included coolant bottle guarantee a long lifespan- 3-year manufacturer’s warranty- Model: 240mm- Article no. : BW013- Dimensions radiator, incl. fan (H x W x D), (mm): 277 x 120 x 52- Total weight (g): 1180Socket compatibility – Intel: 1700 / 1200 / 2066 / 1150 / 1151 / 1155 / 2011(-3) Square ILM- AMD: AM5 / AM4Pump Specification:- Noise level (dB(A)) @ 25 % / 50% /100% rpm: 8 8 / 16.7 / 32.3- Pump speed max. (rpm): 5500- Pump operation range (rpm): 4000 – 5500- Pump connector: 4-pin PWMRadiator Specification- Dimensions (H x W x D), (mm): 277 x 120 x 27- Radiator material / finish: Aluminum / Black spray painted- Base material / finish: Copper / Nickel platingbe quiet! Light Wings fans- Fan dimensions (mm) / Quantity (pcs.): 120 x 120 x 25 / 2- Speed @ 100% PWM (rpm): 2500- Input current (A): 0.45- Connector: 4-pin PWM- Lifespan: 60,000h

  • Black Ice NEMESIS LS360 Radiator OEM (Builder Edition) – Black

    The Black Ice® Nemesis® 240GTS® scales performance by utilizing low-noise dual sub-800 rpm 120mm fans for even better performance with a reduced noise footprint. This provides casemod enthusiasts with a slim form factor dual fan radiator with the enhanced performance without the acoustic penalties. Technical details: 120 mm x 2 fan slim form factor two-pass radiator 278mm x 133mm x 29.6mm (L x W x H) 16 FPI 25 Micron Copper Fins Now optimized for sub-800 rpm ultra-stealth fans Supercruise optimizations for scalable performance with higher speed fans 15% more tubing area in the same Black Ice® GTS™ 240 form factor Increased internal coolant flow rates Standard G 1/4" inlet/outlet fittings Standard M4 mounting threads Compatible with Black Ice® Pro II, Black Ice® GTS™ 240 radiators Custom Black Carbon™ high quality finish Fully ROHS Compliant 100% Made from conflict-free materials Industry standard Black Ice® quality

  • Black Ice Nemesis Radiator GTS 120 XFlow – Black

    The Black Ice® Nemesis® 120GTS® XFlow steps up to the challenge for high performance for single-fan stealth form factor PC radiators. Featuring the Black Ice® Nemesis® GTS® XFlow core platform, this single 120mm fan radiator is able to provide enhance coolant flow and even better performance under low airflow conditions.

  • CableMod ModMesh Right Angle SATA 3 Cable 60cm – Blue

    Thanks to CableMod, PC enthusiasts everywhere now have the opportunity to make their high-end rig look just as remarkable as it performs. CableMod utilise a special material for the sleevings known as ModMesh, this is a specially developed woven plastic fabric that will meet the needs of even the most demanding and experienced modders out there. CableMod’s relentless attention to detail and flawless manufacturing makes for some truly stunning braided cabling, without resorting to using heatshrink in between the wiring and the connector. The end result is a strikingly clean and tidy aesthetic.It goes without saying that the interior of the cable is crafted with the same care as the exterior, and maintains a similarly uncompromising approach to quality. The premium quality materials help to maintain the highest possible data transfer speeds while retaining compatibility with all motherboards and storage devices.This model is a SATA 3.0 cable that is 60 cm in length and comes in vibrant blue with one right angled- and one straight connector.Specification:Colour: BluePackage includes:1x 7-pin SATA 3.0 (straight)1x 7-pin SATA 3.0 (angled)Cable length: 600 mm

  • Daewoo 4 Gang 5 Meter 13A Extension lead

    Daewoo 4 Way UK 3Pin Plug 13amp Extension Lead with 5 Metre High-Quality Cable – Neon Power On Indicator – White, Pifco PIF2049NEON INDICATOR – The neon indicator notifies you that your extension cable has been powered and is on ready for you to use – This has been designed for safety reasons to make sure you turn your cable off when leaving the house4 WAY SOCKET – The 4 way UK plug outlets are suitable for UK power adapters – The extension lead is ideal for using within your home, offices or even outside in your garden if you need the powerLIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – The slim, compact and lightweight design allows you transport your extension cable around the house or office with ease while also being able to place it behind your desk or on the floor so it saves space and doesn’t get in the wayIDEAL FOR 4 DEVICES – The extension lead is perfect for when you have 4 appliances that you need powered – For example within your home/office where you need to power the monitor, laptop/desktop, printer or even just for your smartphone5 METRE LENGTH – This extension cable features a 5 metre length cable, which provides a longer reach your powered devices – Ideal if you’re in a large office and need to power your multiple appliances from distance

  • Daewoo RCD Adaptor Circuit Breaker- White

    Protect your home from the danger of electrical faults by installing this safety circuit breaker to cut the current if it gets too strong. Great for helping to prevent electrical fires, this circuit breaker is resettable and will give you a little peace of mind. Specifications 13A / 250V Test and reset buttons Dimensions: H7.6 x W6 x D12.8cm Material: Plastic Colour: White

  • DEMCiflex Dust Filter 92mm Round – Black/Black

    DEMCiflex Computer and Electronic Dust Filters fits over the air intakes of your electronic or computer equipment by way of a built-in magnetic frame. It was designed to fit on the outside of the case and needs no screws, tools or special skills. The design allows everybody to use it no matter what their skill level. No need to open the case or undo anything at all.The intake vents we refer to are the grills or ventilation holes in your computer’s case where cooling air enters the case. Some of these vents may have fans mounted behind it to direct the airflow in any specific direction and others are unfanned.To determine which vents are intakes we suggest making use of a sheet of paper. With the computer or electronic unit switched on and running, loosely hold a sheet of thin paper in front of every vent opening or grill. If the sheet moves closer to the case and get sucked against it, then you would know that this vent is an intake vent and needs to be filtered. Choose the filter(s) that would best cover that opening.Dust can however enter the case through a myriad of other openings in the case like Optical Drives,USB and other ports that will be very hard to filter. The solution is in setting up your system to be positive pressure and to filter the intakes. In short this means that more air must enter the case where it can be filtered so that the higher pressure inside the case will leak out of every crack and port in the casing so stopping dust from entering there. To read about how to achieve this please see our section on performance/positive pressure.DEMCiflex Computer Air Filters fits by way of a magnetic frame that is part of its structural design. This would adhere directly to the case and in the event that the case is non-ferrous (it has no iron in it’s composition so that a magnet is not attracted to it) we supply you with a peel and stick magnetic frame that is fitted onto your PC case, around the air intake area. DEMCiflex Dust Filter will attach to this frame, making it easy to remove and clean when necessary. We also offer free Filter Alarm Software that will alert you when the filter needs cleaning.The mesh that acts as filter will separate dust and debris from the cooling air without adversely affecting or restricting the flow.

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